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Real-Life Nightcrawler Raises Duty To Rescue Question

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In the movie Nightcrawler, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a thief turned freelance journalist who films shocking footage of crime scenes and accidents and sells the images to a television news station. In a life-imitates-art moment, a man was arrested for vehicular trespassing after he allegedly entered a car to film two people who had just been involved in a serious car accident. The man reportedly did nothing to help the teenagers, who were severely injured, and one later died at the hospital. The incident raises the question of whether or not a...

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4 Compensation Possibilities To Explore When Filing An Auto Accident Injury Claim

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Hiring an auto accident attorney is an effective way to ensure that your injury claim is filed properly with the courts. You won’t have to worry about dealing with your insurance company or that of the other party, because your lawyer will do it for you. And you can count on getting the support, resources, and tools you need to recover financial compensation for expenses incurred due to your injuries. Here are four compensation possibilities to explore with your lawyer when filing your claim: Vehicle Repairs and Rentals If your vehicle...

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Who Do You Sue In A Truck Accident?

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Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck? These types of accidents are different than the typical car accident. For one, injuries from truck accidents tend to be more severe than car accidents. According to, the typical car only weighs around 3,000 pounds, while a fully loaded commercial truck can weigh 80,000 pounds or more. This sets up a situation where serious injuries for the people in the car are likely. Further, some truck drivers are independent contractors, some work...

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Hit By An Uninsured Driver? Here’s How To Handle The Fallout

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In the average auto accident, the script is usually the same: make sure you’re not hurt, make sure your passengers aren’t hurt, call the police, call your insurer and exchange information. At least that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, you discover that the other driver has no insurance info to exchange – and it’s not because he or she left their insurance cards at home. According to a recent study by the Insurance Research Council, nearly one in eight drivers in the U.S. was uninsured. Nearly every state requires...

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Exploring Pedestrian Liability In A Car-Pedestrian Accident

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Car-pedestrian accidents are, sadly, a very common phenomenon. Such accidents can play out in various ways. Whether the pedestrian is fool-hardy and attempts to make a risky crossing at a crosswalk or a driver is simply not paying attention, car-pedestrian accidents run the risk of being very gruesome, and, in many cases, fatal. Although liability may be the least of your worries if you are involved in such an accident, it is something you should be acutely aware of. The legal status of responsibility in car-pedestrian accidents should be...

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Denied Disability? 4 Tips To Help With The Appeals Process

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Preparing for the appeals process after applying for disability is critical, because the odds are low that you will win your case initially. Staying on top of your paperwork during the appeals process and asking people who know your case for support can give you a better chance at a successful appeal. Submit Your Appeal Promptly While you are waiting to receive your initial disability determination, you should be prepared for filing an appeal by familiarizing yourself with the appeals process. You should be ready to submit your appeal...

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